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Natural vs Enhanced Diamonds

Every diamond mined from the Earth is unique, they all have their own color and characteristics.
To improve the characteristics of these diamonds, some stones will have their quality artificially enhanced. These are known as "Quality Enhanced Diamonds".
Diamonds that haven't been enhanced in anyway are simply called "Natural Diamonds"
Quality enhanced stones are a more cost effective way to purchase diamonds. Quality enhanced diamonds will allow you to purchase a larger, clearer, and or more beautiful stone, for a much lower price than a comparable all natural diamond.

Types of Quality Enhancements

Our Regency Collection of loose center stones sells diamonds enhanced via several different methods.
Some stones will have had their color improved, using a method called HPHT.
Other stones will have had their clarity improved, via laser or fracture drilling.

What is Laser Drilling?

Laser drilling uses heat, or injects chemicals into the diamond, to make discolorations and small flaws less visible. Sometimes, laser drilling is followed with fracture filling to further decrease the visibility of small cracks. Fracture filling involves adding a glass-like resin into the diamond to close small cracks, making imperfections invisible to the human eye.

What is HPHT?

HPHT may be used to permanently improve the color of a diamond. This method of enhancing a diamond uses a cubic press to recreate the natural, diamond-forming conditions of the Earth. Depending on the chemicals involved, the diamond will either exhibit a fancy color or be colorless following the treatment.

Does Clarity Enhancement "alter" a diamond in any way? 

No, it is still a natural diamond. It's just a natural diamond that looks much better for a lower price. 

Do I need to give my enhanced diamond special treatment?

The Gemological Institute of America(G.I.A), has determined that normal wear and tear will not harm an enhanced diamond. The enhancements could potentially be reversed by extreme heat, or strong acids, but nothing you would come into contact with in your normal everyday life. It is recommended to periodically use an ammonia free, lightweight cleaner, to clean your enhanced diamond.


Now that you know a little bit about quality enhanced diamonds you can make an informed decision on choosing the right diamond for you.